Cycling is the most handy and free mode of mobility to get extraordinary experiences. It should be the best choice, if the situation allows you, to discover hidden elements of Japan which you usually miss in the other modes of travel. Cycling over country-side or urban jungles in Japan must bring you priceless rewards. Traveling around the entire Japan on a bike? Maybe the idea is too far fetched, but most of the local Japanese would be willing to help you accomplish such a crazy endeavor rather enthusiastically.

Japan by Bicycle

  • Variety - Yowamushi Pedal Special Road In Nihon Cycle Sports Center [Japan DVD] TDV-25343D
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Cycling "Length Of Japan" in October 2015

  • Cycling Kyushu: Japan's Onsen Island and Land of Fire
  • A Ride in the Neon Sun
  • -10,500 Km journey around Japan by bicycle (2009) ISBN: 4891152044 [Japanese Import]
  • (Bicycle life Books 7) (Bicycle Books to live life together and bicycle) journey from headwaters to mouth, totally know the Tama River in Japan a major - Bicycle travel map (second edition) smoothly revised Tamagawa (2009) ISBN: 4862120784 [Japanese Import]
  • Jitensha: Down the Japanese Archipelago on a Bicycle
  • 45 courses around Kanto day bike trip guide cycling course detailed guide ¡¤ Selected (bicycle life How to books 07) (2009) ISBN: 4862120830 [Japanese Import]
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Japan: The Hidden Alps

  • Tokyo bicycle loophole guide (bicycle life How to books 01) (2008) ISBN: 4862120636 [Japanese Import]
  • Bike trip map smoothly Tamagawa - Tamagawa all 138km complete guide through Tokyo, Kanagawa, Yamanashi (bicycle life Books 7) (2008) ISBN: 4862120539 [Japanese Import]
  • Fuji bike trip around superb view map bicycle life Books 11 (Bicycle Books to live life together and bicycle) (2009) ISBN: 4862120792 [Japanese Import]
  • Tamagawa cycling map-A5 size pocket size (bicycle life How to books 5 to live together and bicycle) (2009) ISBN: 4862120814 [Japanese Import]
  • Spaciously Kitakanto cycling map - 13 course selection of Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma, Saitama area (bicycle life Books 6) (2008) ISBN: 4862120547 [Japanese Import]
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Racing through the Holy Temple in Japan

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