“Change” and “profundity” are the common words to describe the charm of travel in Japan.
Japan is a country of relatively small islands, but its diversity in climate and landscape results in wide variety of local cultures, people, foods and products. In Hokkaido, the northern island, you can enjoy snow, but at the same time in Okinawa, the southern island, you can swim in the sea.

Japan also has distinctive seasons and the local life circulates around them, so you can enjoy different faces of Japan through Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. If you want to experience local festivities and events, you can find them arranged seasonally in the calendar.

Temples and shrines are always the best locations to experience the Japan-ness through your five senses. They are immersed in surroundings and nature while embodies the long history of Japan and its spirits with such a fine understatement.

After all, the purpose of visits varies among travelers. But Japan embraces all of them with its unique charm and captures their hearts.

Staying at a Traditional Japanese Inn & Hot Spring.

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Amazing Japanese Holiday Lightup Display ☆ 日本一のイルミネーション 時之栖