Samurai is a “katana” wielding Japanese warrior, superior in sword fighting, who served for a ruling class such as a daimyo. The term Samurai originates from the word “serving to a master” and was a term for “public servant” in old times.

Samurai is supposed to be good at martial arts and art of war. One should obey his master at any cost. This spirit of sacrifice is the important element of the way of Samurai, which is, thus, equivalent to “Bushi-do,” the way of Bushi.

The spirit of this self-sacrifice as seen in Bushi-do, as well as its stern philosophy on courtesy and manners, seemed extremely exotic when introduced to the western world. It still intrigues modern western cultures.

asakusaYABUSAME 01

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The Way of the Samurai

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Women Were Some of the Fiercest Samurai Warriors Ever

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Japanese Samurai Sword "Katana"

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Japan"s most famonus Katana forging artisan

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Japanese Samurai "Kabuto"

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